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Conviction Single Barrel Straight

Conviction Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a sour mash whiskey in the old tradition. It is barreled at 105-proof and bottled at cask strength after a minimum of four years aging. It has a smooth, sweet finish with strong vanilla, clove, and honey notes. Conviction is excellent for all fine whiskey drinking applications; from Neat and Rocks to creative craft cocktails as well as the time-tested standards. Conviction was awarded Best Bourbon at the New Orleans Bourbon Festival, a Gold Medal at the MicroLiquor Spirit Awards, and a Double Gold Medal at the Fifty Best Bourbons Competition.







Conviction Single Barrel Straight

The mission of Southern Grace Distilleries is to create American distilled spirits meant to recapture the excellence of days gone by when Made in the USA meant Best in the World. Southern Grace wants to combine that with the soul and taste of the best of the South to craft distill very small batches of moonshine and whiskey. Every batch and bottle is hand labeled and numbered, and nothing leaves until it is a spirit they’d be proud to serve on their own back porch to family and close friends.

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